Online Shopping In Italy With A Stylist

For my clients who, due to their employment, cannot come to Italy and use the shopping service, I offer online shopping. Over the past year, I was often asked to pick up wardrobes, kits, and even Italian fur coats online, so I decided to tell in detail about what is shopping online with a stylist.

Everything happens as if you came to Italy for shopping, but instead of trying on you – I show you the clothes in skype. I select all the kits in advance, and you choose what you like. The meeting with me online is held in the relaxed atmosphere of the Italian multi-brand boutique (more than 30 luxury brands).

Step by step, online shopping in Italy is arranged like this:

  • You send your measurements and wishes (lifestyle, status, and budget).
  • For more than eight years, I have been working with standards – this allows me to prepare in advance for the italian clothingarrival of customers, always unerringly choose the appropriate clothing for them in size and cut. And now, this professional skill helps to pick up clothes online.
  • I form a wardrobe for you based on your wishes and requirements (sets for work, a suit, a spectacular dress for a birthday, a status bar, and so on). All things are right for you, combined with each other, creating new bows-images.
  • We meet with you on Skype in a multi-brand boutique, with high-speed Internet and I show you in detail everything that has been prepared for you. All the details, all the sets, we discuss; in particular, I tell you how they fit together and give their recommendations.
  • You choose the things that you liked, you can take a pause and think carefully about everything, or you can select everything directly during our online meeting. Next, a multi-brand boutique bills you for payment, which can be made using a card or by bank transfer.
  • You also receive a 22% VAT refund and my shopper discount before you pay for your purchases.
  • All things are sent to you by the insured parcel, with the help of a reliable transport company. All the issues related to delivery and customs are taken up by the company.
  • Charges for payment of parcel are calculated depending on the weight of things and on how valuable your cargo will be. After all, you will agree that insurance for an Italian fur coat from a Barguzin sable is not the same as ensuring a chic dress and a bag. The amount of shipment I call you after we determine which items you have chosen and form the delivery.
  • And the last and most crucial stage of shopping!
  • You receive a parcel with the kits that are right for you, match your status and lifestyle, the original luxury branded items of new collections from the very heart of Italy! You can only try them on and get admiring glances and compliments from others. And you spent it just a few hours, while also receiving a discount on your purchases (in the amount of about 25-30%).

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